First Auditory Reset concert series was successful!

The first Auditory Reset concert series is behind us! We cannot believe how quickly the time went but cannot be more grateful to all of you who could join us on this project! Big thanks go to all the musicians who participated!  Thank you all collaborating organisations; namely Frerik de Jong, A Lab, WeArePublic and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. But also all the […]

Spring Auditory Reset!​

Our spring collection of concert is going on spendidely and we are so grateful to everyone who has joined us!

In March we welcomed amazing harpist Doriene Marselje. Her performance literally took a breath from many of the members from the audience.

In April, outstanding violoncellist Rares Mihailescu performed a virtuosic concert which took us into another world.

May’s concert is now approaching and we are more than excited to present Swiss record player Anne Gillot!

Come and join us on Tuesday the 9th of May to A Lab (Amsterdam Noord), from 18:00.

The success of our try-out period and start of the official Auditory Reset 2023 season.

We have been so lucky to create such an amazing new concept of concert series with help of many wonderful organisations such as A Lab and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Now we are also happy to announce that the official Auditory Reset 2023 season is going to he supported by AFK as well.
During the first four concerts we could introduce our new concept, bring in more and more audience and also started new cooperations which will open even more possibilities for the future concerts. We are making our concerts more educational, reachable and closer to the audience.
Our February concert brings a well-known Dutch accordion player Vincent van Amsterdam to play exceptional pieces by two contemporary composers – Luciano Berio and Sofia Gubaidulina. Come on the second Tuesday – the 14th – at 18:00 to the Playground in A Lab, Amsterdam. Tickets are possible to buy on the spot or via our website through programme page.

Yey! Our trial period is almost at the end and we can officially continue with the rest of the season!​

As you might all know, recent years were for the art field very difficult and challenging to plan and secure all the work we put into making music possible.

At the end of last year wasn’t any different and thus we were apprehensive to our programme mainly for the winter time. 

We are glad that we could so far examine our aims and organise all the concerts as planned. We gained audience, expanded with more cooperations to share our concert line in the upcoming time and thus were able to make sure the whole programme of 2023 can continue without any change.

On January the 10th, our ‘trial period’ is officially finishing with a concert of a wonderful Dutch oboist Arthur Klaassens who is going to perform three short yet intriguing pieces: a premiere ‘So it Goes’ by Patrick van Deurzen, our traditional Berio’s ‘Sequenza’ (this time number VII) and as the last ‘The Garden of Love’ by Jacob ter Veldhuis.

The invitation to our last 2022 concert and ticket sales open for 2023!

The year 2022 is almost at the end, but we still have one last concert ahead of us. Next Tuesday, the 13th of December, we are presenting a wonderful Dutch-American singer Katharine Dain. She is going to perform Berio’s Sequenza III and song Ariel from Jonathan Dove. You can purchase tickets via this link.

We are also opening the ticket sales for the first four concerts in 2023. Following the usual timing, every second Tuesday of the month, from 18:00, in the Playground, A Lab in Amsterdam. Look at our programme page with more information.

A look back at the second concert and more news ahead!

Our second concert was phenomenal! Great atmosphere full of sound concentration and transcendental feeling. Dario gave us fascinating insight into his unquestionably firm connection with the double bass.
The audience was indeed taken to a colourful and diverse journey for sounds and rhythms.
Thank you all who came for your participation and creating wonderful space to be!
Our project is growing and we are soon about to announce our programme for the first half of 2023! We are excited to share this with you soon, so stay in touch!

November concert of Auditory Reset is around the corner!

We had such a wonderful time during our October concert and we can’t wait to the next one. On the 8th of November 2022 an amazing double bass player, Dario Calderone, is performing two exceptional pieces: L. Berio’s Sequenza XIVb and Voyage started by S. Scodanibbio. Each takes the listener on a specific journey of various sound worlds and rhythmic parts. Let’s reset, let’s refocus our mind and forget about everything for a moment to enjoy the beauty of music.

Auditory reset 2022 in on!​

Experience live music like you have never done before! Come to our Auditory Reset – autumn series – concerts and enjoy extraordinary soloistic performances. Just after you finish your work, just before you rush back to your home duties. Pause for only 30 minutes and dive into a captivating, mezmerasing music. Let’s forget about the busy, overwhelming outside world, just for a moment.