Yey! Our trial period is almost at the end and we can officially continue with the rest of the season!​

As you might all know, recent years were for the art field very difficult and challenging to plan and secure all the work we put into making music possible.

At the end of last year wasn’t any different and thus we were apprehensive to our programme mainly for the winter time. 

We are glad that we could so far examine our aims and organise all the concerts as planned. We gained audience, expanded with more cooperations to share our concert line in the upcoming time and thus were able to make sure the whole programme of 2023 can continue without any change.

On January the 10th, our ‘trial period’ is officially finishing with a concert of a wonderful Dutch oboist Arthur Klaassens who is going to perform three short yet intriguing pieces: a premiere ‘So it Goes’ by Patrick van Deurzen, our traditional Berio’s ‘Sequenza’ (this time number VII) and as the last ‘The Garden of Love’ by Jacob ter Veldhuis.